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Series 2 - Feelings Edition (Set of 12 Books) - POCKET SIZED SET

Series 2 - Feelings Edition (Set of 12 Books) - POCKET SIZED SET

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While Sochu stories made you think, Sochu+FEELU stories aim to help us recognise and talk about our feelings and emotions!

Why is it important to understand our emotions?

Children (and adults!) need to develop strategies for managing their emotions, so that they can build social-emotional skills. Being aware of our emotions can help us talk about feelings more clearly, avoid or resolve conflicts better, move past difficult feelings more easily, and build better relationships with family and friends.Some people are naturally more in touch with their emotions than others. The good news is, everyone can be more aware of their emotions. It just takes practice. But it's worth the effort. Emotional awareness is the first step toward building emotional intelligence, a skill that can help people succeed in life.

Look and Feel

There are 48 pages in each book.

These are a mix between picture books and comics - with vibrant illustrations, simple language, large print and high thinking! In these quirky everyday stories, we have weaved 21st century skills that are crucial for the next generation!

PSST - there is something in there for adults as well!

Age Group: Technically we recommend Sochu Books for ages 4-12.

Although, we believe that every child is different. Some children at a younger age can understand a lot more and some at an older age are still open to receiving the messages from these books.

If your child is younger than 4 years:
We have customers with children as young as 2 years who love going through the images and recognising the characters. While younger children will not get the depth of these stories, they pick up on behaviours and emotions (which is a very important part of their development). Our customers tell us that these books have cut down about 1-1.5 hours of daily screen time for their 2 year olds.

If your child is older than 12 years:
We have specifically written Sochu Books as a tool to initiate some wonderful and in-depth conversations amongst the family. So if your children are above 12 years, you can ask them whether they would be interested and open minded enough to read these books together as a family and then do the experiential activities (given at the end of each book) together as a family. We can assure you that this will create some very interesting bonding moments and you will get to know each other better.

And so, if you are open to it, Sochu Books can work for anybody! Even adults...

Worldwide Shipping Available

Sochu has been designed with a global mindset. Hence it can be exciting to read Sochu for children and adults from any country, all over the world!

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