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What is Sochu? 🧐

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Sochu Author - Chetan Vohra

WHY did we decide to make Sochu?

Seeing the impact that entertainment has on children’s minds, Chetan set out to create children’s content that is wholesome, mindful, and inclusive.

"Children are like a sponge - they absorb everything around them to make sense of the world." With this in mind, Chetan created Sochu with his friends - Vilas Algude and Deven Gandhi.

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Sochu Age Group

Age Group

While we recommend Sochu Books for ages 4-12, we believe that every child is different!

We have customers with children as young as 2 years who pick up on behaviours and emotions from these stories, and use Sochu Books instead of screen time. We also have mothers and fathers who themselves enjoy reading Sochu Books. And so, if you are open to it,the quirky ways of learning through Sochu Books can work for any age group, including ADULTS!