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The Joy of WINNING - Sochu Book 9

The Joy of WINNING - Sochu Book 9

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A lot of us think that healthy competition is required for growth. In a competitive world, we are told that it isn't enough to be good at something - we must triumph over others.

This story reflects the effects of competition on our minds. To find out more about this topic, check out an article called "The Case Against Competition" by Alfie Kohn. 

In this book, Raju, Anju and Manju are so engrossed in preparing for the drawing competition, they have no time for anything else. Sochu finds a new way of part taking in the competition and instead of perfection, he chooses to be playful and have fun with the drawing. The result shows that Sochu is still interested in drawing after the competition as well, while the others are fed up of it!
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