Sochu Books

The Sochu and Feelu Series offers opportunities for on of the most important things - RICHER CONVERSATION with our children!


Sochu's characters are simple yet unique and super relatable for the children of today. They connect with these characters and find themselves and their friends in them.

Book Descriptions

Here are the first ten pages from each book to give you a complete experience of the content, colours, and more. We hope you enjoy it!

We have also written a couple of lines about WHY we wrote each of these books!

Sochu Book 1 - Think Outside the Box

Over the years, scientists have found evidence that being in nature significantly impacts our brains and behaviour. It helps us reduce anxiety and stress. It increases our attention capacity, creativity, and ability to connect with others.

Sochu Book 2 - When I Grow UP

Some of us, sometimes, know exactly what we want to be when we grow up! And some of us have no idea at all. We believe the most important part about growing up is to keep the curious inner child alive within us!

Sochu Book 3 - Be the CHANGE you wish to See

Global Warming is one of the biggest challenges that the current and next generations will have to face. Almost everything we do impacts the planet, and we must alter our ways of living as soon as possible!

What can we, as individuals, do differently to impact Global Warming?

  • Sochu Book 4 - I Wonder What Makes People FIGHT

    Anger is a completely natural and human emotion! Most of the times, we either suppress it or act it out.
    But we would be so much better off if we learn how to express it in a nonviolent way.

  • Sochu Book 5 - Where is God?

    Everybody has their own understanding of GOD!


    What is your idea of GOD?

  • Sochu Book 6 - The Dilemma of Choice

    While having the freedom of choice is vital for our individual freedom, too much choice in anything almost always leads to anxiety, dilemma and dissatisfaction! How can we make a decision and be happy when we have SO many choices?

    To learn more about this topic, check out The Paradox of Choice by Barry Schwartz.

  • Sochu Book 7 - Am I COOL Enough?

    We live in the age of information bombardment! While information can be an excellent tool to grow and prosper, we can also quickly lose ourselves and unknowingly become a part of the herd mentality!

    By ignoring our own craziness to be just like everyone else, we lose the ability to be truly happy!

  • Sochu Book 8 - The Secret to Success

    In our extremely fast-paced and demanding world, to save time, our mind tries to do many things at the same time. This practice often yields disastrous results.

    Our attention spans are getting shorter and shorter by the day, and it is becoming impossible to stay focused on what we want to do!

  • Sochu Book 9 - The Joy of Winning

    A lot of us think that healthy competition is required for growth. In a competitive world, we are told that it isn’t enough to be good at something - we must triumph over others.

    To find out more, check out an article called “The Case Against Competition” by Alfie Kohn.

  • Sochu Book 10 - A Friend in Need is a Friend Indeed

    We aren’t born with a craving for junk food! This conditioning happens over time as we get exposed to more unhealthy food choices through advertisements and peer pressure. Reprogramming our food preferences can have a profound effect on our physical, emotional and mental well-being.

  • Sochu Book 11 - The Best Gift in the World

    When we hear the word gift, we immediately start thinking about things we have to buy!

    Things do give us happiness for some time, but are they the most valuable gifts that you can give someone?

  • Sochu Book 12 - Stop pretending that you're Normal

    NORMAL means the average or common!

    In our plight to fit into society, we often let go of ourselves. But how can we create an environment where we feel safe to be who we truly are?

    Remember: It is NORMAL to be yourself!

Sochu Series 2 - Feelings Edition

Descriptions and the "WHY" are coming soon!

  • Sochu Book 13 - The Discovery of FEELU

    Children (and adults!) need to develop strategies for
    managing their emotions to build social-emotional
    skills. Being aware of our emotions can help us talk
    about feelings more clearly, avoid or resolve conflicts
    better, move past difficult feelings more efficiently, and
    build better relationships.

  • Sochu Book 14 - Where is Happiness?

    Happiness has many different faces.

    But for most of us, it is impossible to be happy now and
    remain happy for the rest of our lives. Happiness is a
    fleeting emotion that comes and goes! Can happiness last
    longer? And is there anything we can do about it?

  • Sochu Book 15 - Outer Space

    The purpose of feelings is to make sense of what's happening inside us and around us. Sadness helps
    us connect with our loved ones DEEPLY!

    The function of SADNESS is twofold: To let us know that we need to grieve
    and seek out those who love and support us.

  • Sochu Book 16 - The Angry Mountain

    In itself, anger is neither good nor bad. It’s what you do with it that matters. In fact, anger is an important emotion that
    helps us read and respond to upsetting social situations.
    Have you found out what makes you angry? And how can you move that energy to do something that you enjoy?

  • Sochu Book 17 - The Jealous Alien

    Jealousy is a feeling! All feelings are energies that can be useful, informative and educational. It all depends on how you move that energy forward...

    If jealousy disturbs you, you can explore it, understand it and then let it go. If it excites you, it can be
    motivation enough to get off your bottom and work towards who you want to be!

  • Sochu Book 18 - The Fear of Chicxulub

    Fear is actually a tool to help us escape real physical danger.
    But it does not aid us when facing imagined dangers that do not result in physical harm. The problem is that about 99% of the fear people experience today is non–physical
    fear that only exists in our heads.

    This kind of fear limits your full potential. And it would be very beneficial to overcome this fear.

  • Sochu Book 19 - Finding Joy

    Happiness needs a reason - a new toy, a new book, your favourite food, etc. But JOY is happiness without any reason. You can be joyous even while enduring hardship and trials. Joy is cultivated internally. It comes when you make peace with who you are, why, where, and how you are.

    Choose JOY!

  • Sochu Book 20 - The Anxious Poet

    Stage fright is an extremely common feeling. Some experts believe it is a subset of social anxiety disorder, a condition rooted in fear of judgment, rejection, failure, and embarrassment. Improving your performance skills, revising any
    negative perceptions, accepting yourself and not feeling that you have to prove yourself to others
    are some ways to overcome this.

  • Sochu Book 21 - The Lonely Butterfly

    Loneliness is becoming increasingly prevalent, particularly in younger generations. The rise of the internet and, ironically, social media are partially to blame. Experts believe that it's not the quantity of social interaction that combats loneliness but the quality. Having a few close
    friends is enough to ward off loneliness and reduce the
    negative health consequences associated with it.

  • Sochu Book 22 - The Quiet Place

    One of the issues we face today in a society full of entertainment options is that we don't allow ourselves to
    be bored. We constantly try to swipe and scroll the boredom away because it’s seen as a bad thing.

    But boredom can actually be a fruitful experience. Something MAGICAL happens when we allow
    our minds to wander aimlessly.

  • Sochu Book 23 - Pride and Salt

    It’s okay to feel proud when you accomplish something great. Feeling proud tastes delicious, and it can be a source of inspiration.

    But pride is like salt - a little touch can make life pleasurable or exciting. However, in excess, it can ruin the taste of life.

  • Sochu Book 24 - The Heart and the Mind

    How do we integrate our heart and mind while respecting the ways of each, not neglecting either? Some say this takes a lifetime to learn, but one of the first steps is awareness! We believe that by syncing our hearts and minds together, we can be happy with the choices we make!

    Natural intelligence comes into being when the mind, heart and body are in harmony.