Sochu Books Set of 12

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Book 1 - Thinking outside the BOX

Book 2 - When I Grow Up

Book 3 - Be the CHANGE you wish to see in the World

Book 4 - I wonder what makes people FIGHT

Book 5 - Where is GOD?

Book 6 - The dilemma of CHOICE

Book 7 - Am I COOL enough?

Book 8 - The Secret to SUCCESS

Book 9 - The JOY of Winning

Book 10 - A friend in NEED is a friend INDEED

Book 11 - The BEST GIFT in the World

Book 12 - Stop pretending that you're Normal

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Incase you still have any questions, or just want to say Hi - please feel free to call the author on +91 9921069922.

Sochu Books (Set of 12)

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Chetan Vohra - Author & Filmmaker

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