Book 1 - Sochu Breadcrumbs

One of the first ideas we wanted to share with children (and adults!) was about the importance of being in touch with nature. So we took the famous quote “think outside the box”, and we flipped it over.

“What if we didn’t know what thinking outside the box meant?”

We came up with an idea that the physical spaces that we live in are boxes, and we need to go outside of these to be able to think. Through this quirky and nonsensical idea, Sochu and his friends realised that humanity has surrounded itself with boxes, and it is not easy to go outside the box.

Then through a twist in the tale, they all end up in nature and realise that there isn’t any box in nature. And maybe, if they came out into nature every day, they might be able to think outside the box!

While this might sound like a funny thing, there is a lot of research that suggests that there could be some truth to this thought. Nature has an immense effect on our minds and our behaviour!

PS: Think Outside the Box is a famous idiom and has been used extensively in many aspects of life. The real meaning of Thinking Outside the Box is to think imaginatively using new ideas instead of traditional or expected ideas.


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The people we LOVE:

Nitin Das - Healing Forest

The Healing Forest website feature the best ideas and activities from across the planet. Explore fascinating forests and beautiful nature connection activities, inspiring articles, stories, films, and insights from nature that will uplift your days, creating a positive change within. Healing Forest takes you on a remarkable journey of change and transformation through Nature. Discover valuable ways to cultivate a calm mind, a healthy body, and a peaceful life. Learn the secrets of healing in nature, with nature and know how to deal with the chaos of our times.


Sochu’s BREADCRUMBS are a way for us to give back to the world by sharing with you the wonderful thoughts, ideas, acts and people that we love and have been valuable in OUR journey through this life. We hope you enjoy these as much as we do. We recommend that parents and children go through this content together…


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